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I Let Kyle Chews a Winner

Gifty Taggy Cube and all the entries.

My eager assistant Kyle is ready to go.

He brings it in closer for a good look.

First one to the mouth!

Are you sure that's the one, Kyle?

Is that the one you chews?

Well, who did you chews?


It really was your name before he chowed down on it!

Hope little Miss Hallie likes it!  She's going to need to do a little growing before she'll find it very interesting, no doubt.  Soon she'll be chewing her very own taggy cube like a pro! 

As always, I wished everyone could win.  Incidentally, I'd be happy to create a taggy cube for a baby in your life.  I can do them in gender-neutral colors or specifically for a boy or girl.  Soft pastels, primary colors, whatever you can dream up... $5   Just let me know if you're interested.



Living in China said...

Congratulations to Diane! Great job chewsing, Kyle! And great job doing the write up, Lollie!

I'd love to get a couple for my new grand babies but you'd have to ship them to me. Of course I'd pay for shipping, too, but I'm thinking it would be too much extra labor to make them and ship them here at the holidays. Whatcha think?

Anonymous said...

very cute indeed! you are so clever chewsing Kyle to chews the as funny as yu! love ellen.....