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Ode to Joy

There once was a girl with a pen,
Who wanted a cute next-of-kin.
She spied this cool bloke
And (this is no joke)
The contest determined to win.

Thank you to all six creative ladies who churned out poems in an effort to win this little snowman wall hanging.  All of them were very well-written; Tom had a difficult decision to make.  I heard him laugh out loud a few times.  Then he became very quiet.  He took his job very seriously and spent a lot of time making his choice.  We had fun with this and hope you did, too!

In the end Tom chose Joy's poem, a rollicking limerick which was successful in producing a hearty chuckle.  So, now I'll share it with you...

There once was a woman named Temple
Who thought sewing was really quite simple,
She made something pretty,
We wrote her a ditty,
And all of us smiled with a dimple.

When the chilly and blustery winds blew,
Crafty Laura knew just what to do,
An old dress and two bows,
And three socks without toes,
Soon became a quilt shiny and new.

While others would ski, skate and sled,
Thrifty Laura would make her own bread,
Then out of the blue,
She'd whip up a stew,
So her family was warm and well-fed.

When the snow piled higher and higher,
Laura's brood would be warm by the fire,
At her feet would be Bella,
By her side her fine fella,
What more could her sweet heart desire?

So remember this lesson, my dear,
Winter isn't the worst time of year,
Come to Laura's-it's nice!
While you scrape off the ice,
She'll quilt you some new winter gear.

Great job, Joy!  Once I get the binding on, I'll have your quilt in the mail to you.  I hope this chilly fellow will warm your heart and home for many winters to come.

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JoyinChina said...

Whoohoo!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! Thank you so much for running the contest, Laura! I LOVE the cute snowman wall hanging! He will grace my home for many years to come, wherever in the world I live. :) Love you!