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So, You Want to Wait Till Tomorrow, Do You??

Just teasing!!  
Our sweet little red bird has an announcement to make.  This little birdie is all decked out in his best velvet finery to make such an auspicious declaration.

  He will use his strongest, most vigorous and robust voice to tell you that....

 ...this morning, Maggie drew a winner for the quilt!

 Look who it is!!

 Cheri Wheelon!!   

You told me you wouldn't give up until you won a piece of Laura Lee stitchery.
And now you have!!  How about I bring it to you at church on Sunday?
I hope you enjoy displaying it in your home for many Christmases to come!

And guess who won the little embroidered red bird ornament?  My sweet mama did!  Grandmama suggested the name "Robusto" for the cardinal on the quilt, and Tom chose her name. You probably think he was trying to make points with the mother-in-law, but he had no idea who submitted which name.  I promise!

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day and a great holiday weekend!


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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I won the Cardinal!!! It was MY mother's favorite bird. She'd throw it a kiss every time she saw one. It must have been a Czech superstition!