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A Cookout, A Crowd, and A Cake

For the past few weeks, Brad has been talking about having a cookout for his co-workers. So, later this afternoon we're having a crowd of painter-dudes over, along with their wives, children, and significant "others." Burgers, bocce, badminton, ping-pong (Oops...messed up my alliteration)... promises to be a fun afternoon.

I really hope everyone comes hungry, because we have enough hamburgers and hot dogs, buns, chips, chili, and soda to feed a whole battalion. Plus I'm fixing a big ol' pot of baked beans and some desserts. Oh yeah, there will be plenty of 'zerts, as my young nephew used to call them.

One of the 'zerts is this delicious looking cake I saw the other day on Tina's blog, who found the recipe on Kim's blog. My heart started palpitating the minute I saw it. I knew then that it would be the star of the party. Of course, it has chocolate in it. In fact, it is a triple chocolate delight: chocolate cake mix, chocolate pudding, and chocolate chips. Guaranteed to send the unsuspecting taster into a diabetic coma. A chocolate lover's fantasy. You would be correct to assume I like chocolate. Just a little. In fact, I speak fluent chocolate. I've never met chocolate I didn't like. I'm down with chocolate. Me and chocolate, we're tight. BFFL (Best Friends For Life).

Anyway, back to the cake. It's the dump and mix type. (Super simple for someone like me, who really wants to spend the day sewing for as long as I can before everyone arrives.)

Assemble the ingredients. Can anyone say, "Yum!"? Oops! Did the recipe really call for miniature chocolate chips? Really? Oh well, people, you're getting serious-chocolate-lover-sized-chocolate chips. Hope you're not too disappointed.... Mini-schmini....

One teaspoon? Who measures vanilla??

Spread that thick, yummy batter in the bundt pan. Not that I have any way of knowing it's yummy. I wouldn't stick my finger in to taste it. Never. Not me.

A little bowl-licking action before breakfast never hurt anybody.

Place the cake on your prettiest plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

And try not to think about it for the next seven hours.....Can I hear a hearty "Amen" from my chocolate-loving soul sisters?

I hope your Saturday is special.

Laura Lee


Alyssa said...

I am in love with anything chocolate! (except cocolate covered cherrys, I hate cherrys) I always order a BIG Hershey bar for dessert at school at lunch time! Love, The (real) Hon

Hon's Daddy said...

Hon! I caint believe you didn't recognise the recipe for your favourite Darn Good Chocolate Cake!
It looks like you're going to be needing some more kitchen time!