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Not Your Granny's Flapjacks!

We like to have breakfast for supper every once in a while. The menu usually goes something like this:

Turkey Sausage
Orange Juice

I have this great recipe for pancake mix that uses five whole grains: wheat, rice, barley, oats, and rye. I grind the five grains in the grain mill and add in the other dry ingredients. This mixture is stored in a tub in the freezer to keep it nice and fresh. (Since whole grains still have the natural oils in them, they have a tendency to go rancid faster than processed grains. However, these natural oils, for instance, wheat germ, are what make them so nutritious.) When it's time to make them, I scoop some of the mixture out and just add the liquid ingredients. We love them with real butter and maple syrup.

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Alyssa said...

You grind your own???!!! Wow. Where would one find whole grains suitable for such an exercise? Do you have your own quern-stone? I find this fascinating!
Daddy says that Grand-Mommy used to make buckwheat pancakes, but he says they were all flat and black and didn't taste very good. Yours look all fluffy and GB&D (Golden Brown and Delicious).