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Golden Post Give-Away

It's that time again. The other day I noticed my little blog ticker was approaching 50! So you know what that means...; it's time for another give-away! This time, in the spirit of fall and my continuing effort to embrace this season, I have designed and quilted a little table topper in warm colors with a sprinkling of leaves and other fall-ish motifs. Would you like to win it? Just leave me a comment or or an email telling me to enter you in the drawing. And if I don't know you, I will need a way to contact you if you win. I think it will look just beautiful on your kitchen table or hanging on the wall in your home this season.

Quality assured by Bella.

Laura Lee


Alyssa said...

Please enter the Cross family in the drawing! That would be wonderful for our Thanksgiving feast!

Sharon said...

I would love to win your lovely quilt so sign me up!
I'm not very lucky so we'll see what happens :-)

Love, Sharon

Hannah Ballantyne 4 yrs old said...

Hello Miss Laura,

It's Hannah. Hannah Ballantyne. Mommy and I were reading your site when she saw your lovely quilt and remarked how Fall/Thanksgiving is her mostest favorite time of year. I would like to enter to win this for my mommy...I have to hurry as she walked away for a minute.

Tell your girls hi for me.
Love Hannah

Ellen said...

Ellen Bernhardt wants in :)

Aunt Rochelle said...

Hey, please enter me to win your lovely table runner. If your mom hasn't entered, I might actually have a chance. :-) I gave your blog address to my friend Jennifer. She loves trying out new recipes and since you post so many, I thought she'd enjoy reading. She just might become your newest fan. HA! So if you get a message from her, Jennifer Cook, just know that is how she found you. I told her about your give away, so she might enter that, too. Have a good week.