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Bella's New Sweater

Don't I look positively glamorous in my lovely pink sweater? I hope this will keep me from shivering all winter long.

Thanks, Janice! You did a beautiful job making my sweater! Here are some doggie hugs and kisses for you.



Modeling is so draining....


Anonymous said...

You look absolutely precious in your new "girly" sweater. It was a joy knitting it for you...Thanks for your hugs and kisses. Belated Happy 1st Birtday.

Your new friend,


Alyssa said...

Bella is soooooo cute!!! Heather would never wear a cute sweater like that!!! Maybe the cats...
The (REAL) Hon

Sugar Bear said...

Bella looks so cute! I'm so happy that the sweater worked for you!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Such a canine girly-girl! heehee That outfit is darling!

Misty Ballantyne said...

When I die I want to come back as Bella!!!!!!

I am so jealous! ;->

Misty B

Natasha Burns said...

Oh I love this! Karla sent me over to check you out Bella, how beautiful!

Toni from NC said...

What a cute dog! My Rosie has a very similar "diva" sweater.