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Confessions of a Thrift Store Junkie (Or, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...In July!)

I admit it...I have to check out the thrift stores when I visit another town. I know, I know, a crazy obsession, but at least it doesn't break the bank. So, on Tuesday, Mom and I popped in a video and left Granddaddy in charge of the rowdy crew. (You know how wild those girls get.....NOT! He probably took a nap!)

I found some fun treasures on the hunt. I have a fondness for Christmas mugs. Not just any mugs, as Christmas mugs are a dime a dozen. No, the ones I look for have to have character. Sweet faces, handpainted or look like it, pretty shapes. Every year I lovingly set out my Santa mugs from my childhood. So when I saw this toy soldier mug at the Goodwill here in Aiken, I was smitten. What cuteness can be had for 49 cents!
Then I spotted this cute snowman mug and liked his shape. "You're coming home with me, big guy."

That started it...the chase was on. "I will fill my shelf above the French doors with cute mugs this Christmas!"

So, while we were out on Tuesday, I found these two at the Salvation Army. I have a weakness for snowmen and I loved the stockings all in a row. "Pretty reds and blues," I'm thinking.

Back home, looking in my mother's cupboard, I spied this snowman with the candy cane handle just begging to be brought out of the dark. A pleading look from me to Mom and he was all mine! Thanks, Mom!

These dapper fellows wanted to say hello to you. Now, I'll tuck them away until the day after Thanksgiving, when they will reappear to add their touch of Christmas cheer!

Below is another Christmasy thrifting find. I rescued this beautiful needlepoint pillow with the cardinal and holly motif for $1 at the beach.

And finally, I wanted to show you the pillows I've made for the bench in the foyer. This bench has sat here, politely doing its job, but desperately needing some softness. So during my pillow making frenzy a week ago, I stitched these up from fabric I had tucked away. "Sit a Spell" was my brainchild embroidered from a cute little iron-on transfer of a dog sitting with her umbrella. I think she looks as if she is beckoning someone to sit with her! Her name is "Poppins" after my puppy-niece in Alabama. Mary Poppins always totes an umbrella, doesn't she?

Hope you are enjoying your week!

Laura Lee

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