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Vintage Quilts and Paper Dolls

Oma and Lynn showed me a couple of fabulous quilts today. One of them traveled from Virginia to Ohio in a covered wagon back in the 1800's. I'd love to know the date for that one. The red basket quilt was started by Opa's grandmother, presumably in Ohio, the blocks pieced by this mother, then finally quilted by Oma's mother in Atlanta many years later. Look at these! Here are some "vintage" paper dolls that Oma played with as a child. Our little girls love to play with them when we visit.

[edited to add: Oma did some detective work and came up with an approximate date of 1800 for the nine-patch and stripe quilt! The family made the trek west when Ohio was still part of the Northwest Territory! And this quilt traveled in a blanket chest in the wagon. The chest now sits in Oma and Opa's family room.]

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