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Living Room Redo

My project the past week has been to make the living room more inviting. The wheat colored walls had to go. In came a perky green. This has to be first room we've ever painted green. And I like it. And Tom loves it. And Brad is proud of his cut-in job. Mr. Painter Dude won't use tape. Says it's for people who don't know how to paint. In any case, thank you , Brad!

Tom built the ottoman for me last fall.
I love it covered in the checked fabric.
Ok, I just love checks, period!

The $15 thrifted mirror, purchased at the beach last fall.
I stripped it and shabbied it up a bit.

Pillows on parade......
Detail of the pillow adorable is that?

This cute cottagey fabric just called my name.
And I was thrilled to get a sample of it home
and see how well it coordinated with
the stripes on the sofa cushions.

So it's all pulled together.
Come on over and sit a spell with me.
I've put a pot of tea on!

Laura Lee

1 comment:

Lisa said...


You are a genius! Is there anything you CAN'T do? I made Scott come downstairs and look at your work, and he thought it was really neat, too.

My favourite comment was about your chocolate mix-it-in-one-bowl, and how you still had to use your yellow bowl because it just made you feel good.

I so get that...Love, Lisa.