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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Ahhhh, Home Sweet Home....

As much as I love to take a vacation, there is no place like home! Agree??? We spent a lovely weekend in Dahlonega with Tom's parents. Saturday was "Ribs" in Atlanta with all the Cobbs....or most of them. It was wonderful to see everyone at that annual gathering.

I wanted to post a few photos of my "thrifting" finds from the beach. The painted vase and little hen were dirt cheap, and too cute to pass up. They have found a new home on my baker's rack in the least for now.

I purchased this little bud vase for 59 cents. It is holding the three little roses that were waiting for us when we got home.

I also found two beautiful plates for near nothing, and a darling 40's or 50's "ish" coffee pot. I know it is old because on the bottom it says, "Fabricated in Japan." And it has the heating element inside.

I'll be at the kennel bright and early to retrieve Bella. We miss her so badly. I probably won't get much done tomorrow except play with her!

Have a great week.

Laura Lee

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