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I've Checked Out!

What with the washing, dusting and cleaning done, I've finally had some time to spend with my man. Oh, he's probably not the one you're thinking of. This is the other fella in my life. He is a handsome guy, quite sharp actually, and believe it or not, Tom approves of this relationship. I met him about 17 years ago, attracted by the way he hums, it's sew special.

Who is this hunky guy, you ask? He's Bernie, my sewing machine. Actually, his full name is Mr. Bernina, but since we're on a first name basis, I just call him Bernie.

Well, I put Bernie to work yesterday after a two week vacation. I didn't want that guy to get used to loafing. I have a honey-do list a mile long for him, and it was about time he started paying his rent again.

Sew, the two of us got busy and made this little curtain for the kitchen. I think my friend Jean will be relieved to see that I finally have something hanging at this window. You see, I need to be painfully honest with you, dear readers. I hope you are sitting down. Please brace yourself.

This window has been naked for seven years!

I know you're gasping at that revelation, but it is the honest truth. Shocking, isn't it? Possibly even criminal. It's just that I love letting the light come in, and I love to look out, unhindered by yards of fabric, and we don't typically walk around in the buff. So, I tend to leave windows bare or close to it, unless I'm inspired to do otherwise, which I rarely am, but which yesterday, for some odd reason, I was.

And checks being my thing and all....they seemed like the obvious choice here as well. I wonder if my obsession with checks is because my mom's parents were Czech?

Ouch! Bad...really bad.... I'm ducking from the tomatoes....

And the ball fringe...another carry-over from my childhood. I remember my parents used to have curtains in their bedroom, made by my grandmother, that had the sweetest ball fringe trim. So I decided to liberally apply some to this little window treatment, just for fun.

Bella graciously offered plenty of assistance with hanging this. I should have named her Visa...she's everywhere you want to be.

"Here, errrrr, let me, errrrrr, help you with that! Errrrruff!"

"What do you mean, 'Bad Dog?' I was only trying to help!"

Thanks for checking in.
I hope your day is just rosy.
Laura Lee

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Misty said...

Bella and our Sandy are cut from the "same cloth" so to speak. LOL That's Sandy's way of helping too.

Girl you crack me up and I miss you and our conversations alot!! (I hear they have invented this thing called a PHONE. I Must get one and figure out how to use it).

Hugs to all there in A-town
Misty B~