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Mama's Little Helper and Vintage Art

Why is it that when you pull out the cleaning tools little kids come running? Could it be that they haven't yet been conditioned to believe that housework is a chore and not fun? The minute I pulled out my Swiffer duster (which I LOVE, by the way.....if it is possible to love a duster.....), Maggie started following me around begging, "Can I help? Can I help? Pleeeeease, Mama, can I help?" So I tied a Maggie-sized cleaning apron around her waist and let her have at it. She can find all those down low cobwebs that I tend to miss!

You go girl!

Now I can go mess around with my newest vintage acquisitions.
They are a couple of old pictures that Oma gave me. These originally belonged to Tom's grandmother. I just love their cottagey charm. I thought I knew just where I was going to place them in the den. But when I took them in the living room this morning to photograph them, taking advantage of the morning light, I was excited about how good they looked in there against the new green walls. So now I have a decorating dilemma. I'll have to rearrange something to find them a new home. Oh, darn. I just hate that!

I've been doing a little internet research about these prints and discovered that while they are considered a set and often displayed together, they were actually painted by two different people. Jane Freeman painted this one, called Chums, of the little girl holding the kitten. Aren't the colors rich and beautiful?

A man by the name of Arthur Devis painted this one, called Friends, of the little boy and his dog. I photographed them with baby pictures of Toms' grandmother and grandfather. I'm so proud to have these. Thank you, Oma!

OK, enough playing.

Time to finish the dusting, since Maggie got a little, um, sidetracked.....

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