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Time to Quilt....It's Friday!

The girls and I have had three great weeks of school. Now the books are packed away for a long weekend.

Boy A has left to visit Boy B at college for the weekend. Daughter A has gone to the beach with a friend's family. Daughter B is invited to spend the night with friends at their house. Daughter C has invited a little friend over to spend the night with her. Daughter D plans to play and be cute all weekend. That leaves me free to quilt to my heart's content.

I have a lot of projects I need to work on. My plan is to put serious time into the Christmas quilt project that I'm doing with Ellen, in New York. You hear that girl??? I will be working on our quilts this weekend. She and I are making the same quilt, but constructing half the blocks for the other. It's going to look like this:

If I have a minute, I may dig into my gorgeous stack of 30's reproduction fabrics...

and start this little gem:

I'm covered up for this Labor Day Weekend.

I'll stick my nose out on Sunday, to greet a very special young lady.

Till then,
Laura Lee

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