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Vintage Finds and School Daze

Shopping in HOT-lanta over the weekend produced a few beautiful vintage goodies. I love this retro-green tea bag cannister. And I just couldn't pass by this hand embroidered tea towel.

Drop by for a spot of
Playing all weekend means there is lot to do around the house today. I started school with Holly this morning. She is doing the A Beka DVD school this year and is very excited about having her own personal DVD player. Lest you should wonder, there is no connection between her excitement and the fact that the DVD player is hot Barbie pink. She has the sweetest teacher. I love these teachers. They are infinitely patient and never raise their voice! If Holly doesn't understand something, she can just back up and listen again. This is a perfect fit for her, the child who hates to make mistakes.

Drawing for the tote bag will be on Wednesday. Visit this post to read all about it. Lacy has made beautiful name cards for all the entrants, so even the drawing will be pretty. There is still time to enter. Leave me a note!

Have a wonderful week.

Laura Lee

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