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Hints of Spring

Is it warming up where you live? We are enjoying temperatures in the 70's this week. I don't think I need to remind you how delighted I am that warm weather is returning.

Spring will officially be here next week! In celebration, I wanted to show you a few quilts that remind me of Spring. All of these projects were constructed from 1930's feedsack reproduction prints, my favorite fabrics!

First up is a delightful little baby quilt my dear friend Ellen made for Maggie.

Maggie loves this and can't you see why? She sleeps with it every night and takes in in the car on road trips.

Next is another baby quilt. I assembled this one about eight years ago and finished it with hand quilting. The colors of this just make my heart sing. It reminds me of everything old-fashioned and good in life!

Below is a sweet little pillow which graces the rocker in my den. I love the perky appliqued posies growing out of this flower pot. A friendly honey bee is buzzing around happily.

And finally, Maggie's Good Morning pillow. A little bird has already found a worm before the sun is all the way up.

Have a lovely, sunshiney weekend. Spend it with the ones you adore!

Laura Lee


Anonymous said...

Not that I believe in reincarnation, but if I did I want to come back as your dog Bella!!!!! That pup has it made in the shade!

And as always I am in utter awe of your domestic skills... your quilts are lovely.

Great to see you and the fam yesterday, but never enough time to sit and see everyone and have lots of good quality conversation! Must do Zoo soon and really catch up.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing all your quilts and pillows. I LOVE the ones you have given me.