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Three Years of Maggie Love!

I think I'll forever have this image burned in my memory. This was how Maggie looked the first time I laid eyes on her, three years ago. She was toddling around in the Fuzhou civil affairs office with her nanny when we arrived. And as sweet as she looked, she was less than excited about meeting us. In fact, she let us know very quickly that she did not like this idea at all.

She took to Lacy first. She at least looked familiar, even if she sounded very strange.

By that night, she was sound asleep in the bed with Lacy, well on her way to deciding we weren't so bad after all.

Within a few days we were getting lots of smiles like this.

Before we left the White Swan Hotel, we took the famous Red Couch photo. All the travel groups plop their newly acquired children on this couch and record the resulting mayhem for posterity's sake. Maggie, there on the far right, let us know very quickly that she was in no mood for a photo op.

Fast forward three years. Our baby has grown into a happy, healthy, precocious four year old. She smiles all the time and now she loves a good photo op. In fact, the girl can really work a camera.

On Saturday, we had a reunion with almost all our travel mates from March 2005. How fun to see the children and their families again. We dutifully plopped the youngsters on a couch and snapped away with the cameras. Lots more smiles this time!

Happy 3rd Adoption Anniversary, Maggie Rose! We love you!!!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Bless your heart and hers. I always share your pictures with my husband. he and his first wife adopted a baby from Korea....she is 23 now... and he gets tears any time when he sees your pictures! :-) Rosie

Laura Lee said...

Thanks, Rosie!

Hon's Daddy said...

She is a precious child and has the most beautiful smile!

The reunion was great and it was so much fun to see everyone again!