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Spring Fe/ver

spring fe/ver
a feeling of excitement and restlessness felt at the beginning of spring

Symptoms of spring fever are a sudden desire to do spring cleaning, an unexplained urge to spend lots of time out of doors, and an abrupt yearning to don flip flops and shorts.

For me, it also includes stitching up pretty pots of posies in all my favorite colors.

I don't have an official diagnosis, but I'm experiencing all of the above symptoms. Therefore, it is highly suspicious that I am down with a severe case. I'm told there is no cure for this malady, so I plan enjoy it while it lasts!

My particular strain appears to be highly contagious, so I'd like to share it with you!

I've been busy the past couple days designing and stitching this little, tiny springtime wall quilt. I was going to hang it in my kitchen or family room. Then I decided I'd really rather give it to one of you. Why not hang this in your home or office and let the world know why your mind is elsewhere these days?

Just leave me a comment and tell me what is your favorite thing about spring. I'll put all the names in a basket and draw a winner next week. As always, if you'd rather email me, you may do so at:

laurat1962 at yahoo dot com

I'll start by telling you that my fav.or.ite thing about spring is hearing my first whip-poor-will! I heard him Thursday night, on the first day of spring!

Now I'm headed outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine. How about you?


happy@home said...

Hi Laura Lee,
What a cute post. I have so many things that I love about spring that it was really hard to come up with just one. However, I guess I will say that the beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs are my favorite. What a miracle after the dormancy of winter.

Love the Spring Fever quilt you designed. You are so very talented.

Happy Spring to you,

Anonymous said...

My two favorite things about spring are the new green leaves on the trees AND going to the beach! I also love the beautiful Azaleas, Dogwood trees and Daffodils.

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring, Laura Lee!
That little quilt would look just great in my preschool classroom! It is adorable!

Laura Lee said...

"My favorite things about spring are the daffodils, yellow bell shrubs, Bradford pear trees and the red bud trees blooming," says Debra in Apex, NC.

Laura Lee said...

"Hi, I would love to have the spring fever quilt. The best thing about spring that I love are the daffodils in my front yard. I always look forward to them blooming and sharing them with my friends. Also, if I don't win the quilt could you send my the directions to it??" says Ellen of Liverpool, NY.

Laura Lee said...

Rita said,

Your quilts are beautiful. I can't believe you are giving one away! Put me on the list, if it is still open. I would treasure it! I have a small collection of quilts, some new, some from flea markets that are quite old, but none as pretty as yours. I appreciate your handmade talent.

Hon's Daddy said...

I tried to find pictures to help illustrate, but my search was not productive.
That means I will have to rely on my meagre ability to convey the image which is in my mind using the written word, which is not
an easy task.

I grew up, was baptised and married in this church.
On the inside, it looks a lot like this church.

When I think of spring, my most vivid memories are of the sanctuary on Easter Sunday morning.
The sun is streaming through the long windows and everything inside is bright.
There are beautiful flowers at the front and sides of the sanctuary, and the trees outside, bursting with all their spring glory
are visible through the windows.
It's nothing short of breathtaking.

When they built this church, they wisely spent the proper amount on the organ and it sounds good!
Imagine that beautiful scene with Ella Ruth playing one of those magnificent Easter hymns like
with all the stops out (this is the 'Glory to God' setting) and the choir joyously singing over the congregation with angelic descants and intricate, rich, and blended harmonies!
Now lay the resurrection and the awe and joy of Mary and the disciples as they begin to realise what has happened (I get chills
writing about it!) and you begin to get an idea of what spring is, although my pitiful words do little to convey the utter beauty
and splendor of it all.

Jean said...

Hi Laura,
What I love about spring is when i can go out onto my screened-in porch by myself first thing in the morning with just the birds and my cup of coffee and enjoy the wonderful scenes that God has created.

dbradt said...

I am a recent Breast Cancer survivor and now I see Spring differently than I have pre cancer. I look out the window and see everything coming to life and it reminds me of the resurrection of life from the Dead Through the Savior, Jesus. After 4 months of Chemo, mastectomy and reconstruction, I find all seasons to be more refreshing. yes even the snow and Rain. Spring is the renewal of life for so many things including myself. If honored to be selected to receive this Quilt, which I really would love to be...I would hang it in a dark entryway to my home to brighten it up. It would be like having Spring all year long. If I am unable to have this quilt I sure would love the pattern to attempt myself. Although, I can't say it would show much resemblance! lol LIFE IS GOOD....!

samantha said...

my favorite part of spring is hearing the birds sing.

Laura Lee said...

Sharon, in Hartselle, AL said:

I am so enjoying opening my windows and letting the fresh, cool breeze flow through the house. I call nice spring days like this “free days” because I don’t have to run the air (or heat). Then ,with the money I save on electric, I can pump those dollars into my gas tank :-) That’s what I love about spring!
The quilt is absolutely beautiful. Would love to win it.