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When Sharon emailed yesterday to tell me how good this dish was, I knew a trip to the grocery was on my agenda! What could possibly beat a combination of pasta, mushrooms, and asparagus with a sprinkling of pistachios thrown in for good measure?

My resolve set, I ventured out last evening, only to find that there must have been a run on asparagus in these here parts. All my favorite grocery stores were out! Everyone had the same idea:


Undeterred, I drove around until I found a store with a bin full of asparagus. However, upon closer examination, I had a good chuckle. These poor little things could have substituted for pick-up-sticks. I've never seen such tiny stalks!

Being a woman on a mission, I grabbed myself a couple pounds of the tiny deliciousness and made my way home, with visions of today's lunch swirling around in my head.

Have you ever seen such ridiculously tiny asparagus?

Chop, dice, slice....

Sizzle, sizzle.....

Awesome color!

The perfect day for an al fresco lunch!


Anonymous said...

That looks good! I LOVE Asparagus. Our English friends taught us to eat it just steamed or boiled and seasoned with salt, pepper and BUTTER! (I also add a little bit of onion powder while cooking.) It's delicious that way. Pick it up with your fingers and enjoy!

Alyssa said...


Dont eat him!!! Help!!!! Where's Larry Boy????