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Pearl Harbor and Kole Kole Pass

On Saturday morning we ventured out for an excursion around Oahu with Doug. The plan was to drive over to Pearl Harbor and visit the USS Arizona Memorial. The skies were clear to the north, over the mountains, so Doug took a detour and drove up to Kole Kole Pass, a notch in the mountain range through which some of the Japanese planes were able to fly undetected toward Scofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Air Field on December 7, 1941.

Donning walking shorts and flip flops and a skirt and flip flops respectively, Abby and Kaylee were unprepared for a hike in the mountains. However, being the troopers that they are, they trekked up the terrain with big smiles and nary a complaint.

The view from the top was gorgeous and provided a lovely backdrop for photographs.

The former Auburn roommates

After a quick trip through Scofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Air Field, Doug drove us down to Pearl Harbor to visit the USS Arizona Memorial. Saturday morning is a busy day at the memorial. While waiting for an hour to watch the movie and take the boat to the memorial, we walked through the museum.

Probably the one thing that touched me the most in the museum was a photocopy of a letter written on December 8, 1941 by Alice Huy to her sister Margaret, asking her if she had heard the terrible news. She didn't yet know if her son, Arthur Huy, assigned to the USS Arizona, was alive or dead. She was asking her sister to go ahead and send him his Christmas card and present. And of course, she was just beside herself with worry about her son. In the end, her son had been killed the day before on the Arizona. All those years later, my heart still hurt for her.

So many sacrifices were made for our freedom. It is good to stop and reflect on that from time to time. I'm so thankful I was able to visit Pearl Harbor and the memorial.

My big brother and me with the anchor of the USS Arizona

Lastly, we drove onto Pearl Harbor Navy Base to eat lunch. I snapped this photo of an active Navy vessel, docked in the harbor. I was amused that even the ships docked here wear leis! I feel sure some lucky sailors are enjoying at little R&R in beautiful Blue Hawaii.

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Hon's Daddy said...

I remember going to the USS Arizona Memorial when I was only 14 and still stupid. Still I could feel what was sacrificed there.

Did you know that Earl Nightingale was at his post and on the Arizona that day? He was one of only 12 Marines on board who survived.

It looks like you all are having a wonderful time!